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Business vs. Hobby or an Idea

May 21, 2011 by  
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Many people have a good idea or a “cute” name for a business… the difference in determining whether this is a real business or a hobby.
A business is planned and developed to produce an income, with the conception of larger income..
I am a member of a large group of intelligent, creative women who a great many have those “cutsy” business names, but if analyzed would not qualify as a viable business. Feeding off of each others well wishes won’t bring anyone to the leval of prosperity. One must search within the effort to determine if long range goals are achievable or just part of what the business could be………..
It’s great to have a dream and being an independant entreprenuer, but you must search in realistic terms to evaluate if it’s going to bring what you expect.
Just remember to act on your dreams is much more than the majority of people will ever do. Those who maintain their passion and adapt the niche concept to market will be at least partially headed down the right track.