Box of Chocolate

$69.95 / month for 12 months

Just in time for the holidays, the perfect Gift of appreciation. Great corporate gift for your clients, co-workers, friends, family.

This is a year-round gift giving process, you Subscribe to an annual membership, and we send to whomever you have selected to receive this perfect gift. Each selection is described under photos of product included.

Your selected dates of delivery (with enough lead time to reach the individual in shipping or mailing). You select the method of delivery.

Because packaging is already decorative it will be recognized as a special recognition from someone who is thoughtful and appreciative.

*You may purchase Box complete or individual products from within the Box of Chocolate.

We shall include a note with the sender’s name or any special instruction from sender.

This chocolate is a special flavor with pleasing taste, a Belgium chocolate.

*VIP Memberships are annual memberships, which you may cancel @ anytime.

The first fifty members each month with VIP memberships are given an extra special treat included in their box.


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